“Men take care of themselves.” That was the only answer Daze Karter’s mother could give him as to why she abandoned him at age 12 in their home in Greenville, South Carolina. Life went from being an honor roll student and football star; to eventually going down the wrong path. It wasn’t long before Daze realized that his lifestyle was nothing more than black men pulling each other down; and had it not been for a makeshift studio in a room in one of his brother’s mom house, he may not have ever found his light.

Daze went from being a full time man of the streets to music giving the streets a run for its money. At the age of 17 he began to record 4-5 songs a day, performing at open mic shows, and eventually opening for big name artist whenever they came to Greenville. But even after all his hard work there were no music execs knocking down his door to sign him. Insecurities began to get the best of him and he slowly began to slip back to the streets and reality. He now had a son that he had to provide for and music wasn’t bringing in the money. It wasn’t long before he almost spiraled out of control, but that was when he got the call of his life, College Park Music wanted to sign him. He was brought to Atlanta and began recording. College Park felt that they should right dance music for him and not giving him the opportunity to be himself. Daze realized that none of this was music was fit for him as an individual and artist. Eventually he was of no use to the music group and was let go in 2011, and was never paid for any music he did. If given the opportunity to showcase is true potential as an artist, Daze would’ve been in a league of his own versus being compared to other artist.

After returning to Greenville and slipping back into old habits, he had to pick himself up and motivate himself. Daze didn’t let one setback stop a major comeback, so he began hitting the studio recording and writing non-stop. All of the non-stop hard work paid off; in 2012 he dropped two mixtapes: Dead Man Trapping, in June and Dead Man Trapping II, in August. With rave reviews fans are anticipating his new music. You can hear the pain and determination in his work, and there is something for everyone with his music; and if the beat doesn’t catch you first, the lyrics will. His mother passed away May 2014, increasing his motivation to succeed and show her ‘Mama I made it.’ She said that men take of themselves and he strives every day to show her that he did just that.